A school where children 3 to 6 years old learn to live in harmony with physical, animal and social environment.

Our Phylosophy

Our phylosophy

According to Mahatma Gandhi and other famous educationalists, for an effective development in the early age, the surrounding environment should be taken as a starting point. Two of the essencial principles of the “Tri Hita Karana” (Three sources of wellbeing) which inspired the balinese culture, are the harmony with social and natural environment, including animal and vegetable worlds. Harmony School’s design was inspired by a blending of those principles. Children 3 to 6 years old are expected to achieve the school objective through simple activities connected with: vegetable growing, taking care of animals, taking care of themselves and respecting others.

The above mentioned activities will provide a starting point to introduce other usual school activities.



8:00 – Drop off
8:30 – Animal farm caring / Looking after plants
9:00 – Morning circle / Yoga / Silent moment
9:30 – Washing animals / Gardening
10:00 – Bahasa Indonesia / Numeracy / Science
10:30 – Fruit time and break
11:30 – Art & Craft
12:30 – Lunch break
13:30 – Dance class / Drawing / Painting
14:15 – Question & answer, closing circle
14:30 – Return home

School Fees

School Fees – Year 2018/2019

300.000 IDR Per Day

For new children only – 4.500.000 IDR

4 times a year – 11.000.000 IDR
Yearly payment – 39.000.000 IDR

Enrolments start from June 1, 2018.
All tuition fee payments before July 15 are subject to 5% discount.
Sibling children have a 5% discount on tuition fee cost.